Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life isn't fair, sometimes

Amy is Asked today:
My youngest sister is a junior in college and is pregnant. Although she is on friendly terms with the baby’s father, she is not in a relationship with him nor does she wish to have one in the future. My sister and the baby’s father decided to give their child up for adoption and quickly found a couple who was interested. I am having trouble accepting my sister’s decision. I understand that being 21 and finding yourself pregnant is probably not ideal, but our parents are well-off. None of us has the burden of student loans, and in a year my sister will graduate from college.

I think she is being a bit entitled. After all, she got herself into this mess. It doesn’t seem fair that she just gets to put the child up for adoption and resume her life.

How can I impress to her that she can -- and should -- take more responsibility for her actions?
Amy says, among other things
I assume you have already considered adopting the child yourself. This might be a positive solution.

Sheesh. Of course not. All she's interested in is making sure her sister doesn't get away with it.

Sure, she dresses it up with "as a mother myself" but it comes down to "she is being a bit entitled," "it doesn't seem fair," and "she should take responsibility".

Honey, it takes more than a lack of debt (parents might not be so pleased, btw) to make a good home for a child.



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