Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some birds

Some birds I got pictures of yesterday. First from the river and then up on the ridge. Muscovy ducka Muscovy duck

2 coots two of the many coots

coot and one rather heroically posing coot

2 feral geese three feral geese, varying colors from the graylag type (L) to pure white Embden type (R)

heron a great blue heron

titmouse above and below, a tufted titmouse


carolina wren one of a pair of Carolina Wrens

downy woodpecker a tiny female Downy woodpecker

mockingbird and finally, a crazy mockingbird who's driving my father crazy by besieging his car. It walks all over and around it, pecking at the windows - doesn't seem to be attacking it, but rather trying to get in. The problem is that it's decorating the car with the purple remains of holly berries!

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