Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Week in Entertainment

Film: Puss in Boots, great fun. Antonio Banderas delivers Puss's lines with great effect ("The egg has betrayed me!", "I do not steal from churches", and "Do not joke with me about magic beans") and the look of the movie is gorgeous, (There was a bit much of the 'this'll-be-in-the-video-game' though.) The Descendants - wow. Clooney ought to get the OscarĀ® for this one. Another gorgeous movie, a look at disconnected people trying to connect in some hard times. And Tower Heist, with great work by Ben Stiller and Alan Alda in a very funny caper flick - with a blue-collar heist. Who could have figured that the 99% vs 1% thing would be all over the news when this one came out? "You're working stiffs. You can be replaced."

TV: Fire Over England - Lawrence Olivier didn't begin to look like a "boy", but Flora Robson really was spectacular as Elizabeth I. American Masters: Woody Allen was very interesting. I particularly was struck by his casting process (he doesn't like to meet the actors, he has nothing to say to them) and the look at the way he works. The Randy Quaid Frankenstein - interesting. The Little Rascals, a remake I'd never heard of but laughed at, a lot. Modern Family - hysterical. And a friend told me I should be watching Grimm so I found the first four episodes on On Demand. It's not bad - though, seriously, why don't people ever tell their younger relatives about the big quest/mysterious powers/danger until they're dying and can't get all the details out? And Leverage back at last! yay! And boy can Christian Kane play dangerous - Eliot sends chills through you sometimes.

Read: not a lot, really. About halfway through volume 2 of 1Q84.



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