Saturday, December 03, 2011

And I'm sure they are

In the Washington Post Magazine this week is a story on 25 moments that changed Washington. Here's Number 21, with my italics and bolding:
Egged on by residents who clamored for action after a doubling of Prince William County’s Hispanic population between 2000 and 2005, the county passed the toughest anti-illegal-immigrant law in the nation. Police were authorized to check the immigration status of anyone they stopped on suspicion of committing an infraction. The crackdown led to huge protests by Latinos, about 8,000 of whom later left the county, perhaps because of the new law but in many cases because of the precipitous decline in construction jobs following the economic crash of 2008. The crowds of young men hanging out on street corners seeking the work of day laborers largely dissipated, but the crime rate did not change much. Most residents pronounced themselves pleased with the law’s impact, and studies concluded that Prince William had effectively pushed some Latinos to neighboring jurisdictions.
I'd be stunned to know if that any European (not Spanish/Portuguese, of course) pulled over for speeding ever had his visa checked. Getting rid of Latinos was the point, not "fighting crime" - like the laws that ban homeless people from standing in the median begging but allow firefighters and high school students to do it are all about not having to look at the homeless, not "traffic safety". Prince William has that right, of course, but they really hate it when you call them on it.

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