Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Margo and Lu Ann, the crazy girls in 3G

The wacky plot in Apartment 3G has developed a peculiar turn. It's not just that Lu Ann went ahead and got engaged to creepy Paul Linski and has been manically planning her wedding while ignoring all the danger signs of Linski-cultishness. It's that her husband, the significantly named "Gary Powers", died - canonically, in the strip - in the Vietnam War. Thirty-five years ago. (I'm not sure what they're going to do about that. They could just say "in Afghanistan", of course - and isn't it a bit depressing that all they have to do is pick the right name? I mean, has there been a time since the 1940's when "seven years ago" a soldier couldn't have gone MIA/KIA?) It's more that the US Army Air Force hasn't existed since 1947!

Lu Ann finds out her husband is dead - after she got engaged againBut that's not the best thing about this week's strips. Check out the expression on Margo in panel two of the strip below.

Margo smiles while talking about her dead fiancéWould you believe this is a woman remembering the death of her fiancé? Well, it is!

And that's our Margo!

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