Thursday, December 08, 2011

Paternalistic in the worst sense

"As the father of two daughters" I sure as hell don't want them making any decisions about pregnancy without my permission.

That's what it comes down to. But worst of all, that's what it comes down to for every girl in the country, not just Obama's two daughters. Not every 14-yr-old can even find a doctor, let alone get one to prescribe Plan B for her, inside of 72 hours. Not every girl can confide in her father or step-father. (Not to mention that 14-yr-old boys can buy condoms "next to batteries and bubble-gum".) And women over 17 have to ask clerks and pharmacists to get the drug for them, which not everyone will - and they have to show ID, and some pharmacies keep lists.

Paternalistic and pandering ... for the first time HHS overrules the FDA. And considering that NARAL and the Catholic League both denounced the action as "a small bone thrown to our side" and "political posturing in an election year", it's not even pleasing the right...

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