Saturday, January 07, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charles

addamsJanuary 7, 1912, was the birthday of Charles Addams, master of macabre humor.

The Addams Family - 'nuff said (and check the Googel Doodle for today) ... except there's so much more. Here's his most famous, and also one of my favorites.

skier and tree

"Death ray, fiddlesticks! Why, it doesn't even slow them up."

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At 1:30 PM, January 07, 2012 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

When I had braces on my teeth in junior high I spent time in the orthodontist's waiting room every couple weeks until it was my turn to be tortured dentally. Being a hipper-than-thou kid. I wouldn't have been caught dead reading the stock of young people's magazines on the coffee tables there -- which largely left "The New Yorker" (except the long articles were pretty much over my head with their rambling). So instead I'd leaf through for the cartoons, which is how I discovered Addams' work, with which I fell in love.

Now I'll have an earworm all day :-)


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