Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Party of Fools and Frauds

United Russia bear with mask and loot bag and caption 'party of liars and thieves'It's not quite as catchy as "crooks and thieves", but it'll do. Krugman yesterday:
It goes as follows: to be a good Republican right now, you have to affirm your belief in things that any halfway intelligent politician can see are plainly false. This leaves room for only two kinds of candidates: those who just aren’t smart and/or rational enough to understand the problem, and those who are completely cynical, willing to say anything to get ahead.


So what you have are fairly dim types like Perry, on the one side, and the utterly cynical Romney, on the other. (Gingrich manages to be both a fool and a fraud). Maybe, just maybe, the GOP could have found someone able to achieve Romney-level cynicism while coming across as sincere; but political talent on that level is quite rare.

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