Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Somebody at work was complaining about "no problem" from waiters the other day. Today, she upped the ante: She told a young waiter that "FYI" her friend the headwaiter at a swanky restaurant said never ask a woman if she wants "another" glass of wine, since that implies you should be lining them up for her. He responded, OK, whatever, and she reduced his tip. And then she complained about how she was trying to bring "big-city standards" to the Hickory Grill.

Well, jesus.

The kid ("young enough to be my grandson") was probably feeling good about himself, remembering what she was drinking. And what does he get? A lesson in hypocrisy (never ask a woman), an insult to his workplace, and a condescending "FYI" to top it off.

And then she stiffs him on the tip because he was injudicious enough to say "whatever" to her gracious attempt to teach him his job - which, by the way, he was probably performing just as he'd been told to by his boss.

When she was called on the attitude, she defended herself by saying other waiters have been grateful - more likely, other waiters haven't shown her what they really thought - and that she thinks she's making the world a better place.

Sometimes, I just dumbstruck.



At 9:52 PM, February 08, 2012 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

Back in the bad old sexist days (mid-1970s), at Mamma Regina Ristorante in downtown Silver Spring -- when it was still being run by the founders and the food was sublime -- whenever a one male/one female couple came in to dine, the man received a menu listing all the prices while the woman received a menu without any prices on it. After the first few times this occurred, whenever we ate there (special occasions only), upon being seated and opening my menu, if it didn't list prices I'd politely ask our waiter for a menu with, which he would then promptly and politely bring. Eventually I got so annoyed at this little game that one day I phoned the Washington Post restaurant critic (Phyllis Richman maybe?) to report this insult to my adulthood. A blind item in the Post restaurant column soon ran re this indignity (apparently Mamma Regina's wasn't the only offending establishment in the DC area), and voilĂ ! -- next time and thereafter when we went there, we were BOTH given menus listing prices!


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