Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking, which was very entertaining, preceded by dinner at Memsahib (finally! Last few times we were up there, they were closed for private parties!).

DVD: A few more Indian films (I got a lot of Shahrukh Khan for Christmas and my birthday) - Ra.One, which had a lot of cute moments but was a bit familiar - for one thing, it reminded me a bit of Cloak and Dagger, though it was really quite different - much more action-y, explosion-y, and violent for one thing. Om Shanti Om is a star-studded, delightful romp through Bollywood film making, with a heartbreak, murder, reincarnation, revenge, and eternal love thrown in. "Just like in our films, in life too: in the end, everything is okay. Happy endings! So remember, if it's not happy, the film isn't over yet!" The fake movies are hysterical, and the "item song" - Dard-e-Disco (The Pain of Disco) - is hilarious (and hot at the same time) while managing to be very plot-important, which is the antithesis of item songs. And then Dil Se, a very different film - about love and terrorism and hate and justice, or the search for it. (One thing about SRK, he's not afraid to play a character who's flat-out terrified when people are trying to kill him.)

TV: I know one of the many things I like about Leverage: they don't freaking print documents when they log onto someone's computer. They put files on a jump drive. Which is one way of saying I can't believe Emma printed the documents on Once Upon A Time. Sheesh. It takes time and makes noise... And Regina is a deadly person to be in love with, isn't she? Downton Abbey - another huge leap in time, since Ethel just announced she was pregnant last week and this week has a baby that's got to be three, four months old. William and Daisy's wedding was terribly sad, but at least he actually died. I can't help but think Mrs Patmore would have bullied Daisy into marrying him if he'd been the crippled one instead of Matthew. The Dowager rules, utterly (that Maggie Smith is playing her certainly helps). And, of course, who's next in line? Grimm had a nice line from that sergeant: "Either way (stolen organs for transplants or dried for medicine), it's still cannibalism." "I think it's pronounced 'capitalism'." And the captain gets more intriguing. The Mentalist - a very nice episode indeed. Jane gets such outsized delight out of little things - like finding murder weapons - doesn't he? And I finally got around to the first few episodes of Angry Boys, which is simply brilliant.

Read: The Honourable Schoolboy, fascinating for the sort of time capsule quality of it - Phnom Penh in wartime, Hong Kong, the Cold War skirmishing...



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