Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Wow. I've just realized how long it's been since I posted any bird shots! So, here: have some birds!

It's kind of a motley collection, from the past few months, and probably I should ration them out, but I hope to get more as the days grow longer. So: a robin, juncos, a titmouse, white-throated sparrows, house and gold finches, a jay, a downy woodpecker, flickers, geese and ducks, the red-shouldered hawks, and a logcock (pileated woodpecker).


blue jayblue jay

geesepassing through - the resident pair was on the side of the pond, watching suspiciously

blue jayblue jay

redwinged blackbirdredwing in full cry

flickerspair of flickers - maybe they can get the nesthole this year

redshouldered hawkthe female red-shouldered hawk

a goose on the roofcranes nest on roofs - but geese?

titmousea tufted titmouse

juncoa junco probably contemplating heading back north

robina robin

downy woodpeckera little downy

hawks mating
a blurry mating shot
pileated woodpeckerI've never seen a pileated woodpecker in such a slender tree-top

goose and ducksresident gander and mallards

flickera male flicker

house finchhouse finch

redshouldered hawkred-shouldered hawk


geesethe resident pair of geese

house finchhouse finch

redwinged blackbirdredwinged blackbird

white-throated sparrowwhite-throated sparros



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