Saturday, March 03, 2012

Two points

Couple of things about Rush and what he's said, just so we don't lose track of the main point here. (That's not the rather astonishing misogyny: that's nothing new. Nor is it that obviously Rush has no idea how the prescription he's talking about works, clearly equating it to ones he does understand - the "the more you have sex the more pills you need" drugs he uses: his ignorance about his topics is also nothing new. Nor is it even the amount of power the leaders of the current GOP have ceded to this radio host: that is anything but new.)

Sandra Fluke wasn't there asking America to subsidize her "personal recreational sexual activities"; in fact she wasn't there talking about herself. She was testifying about a woman who lost an ovary and probably will never have children because her Catholic university's health insurance wouldn't cover the medication her doctor prescribed... because it was "birth control".

And secondly: no co-pay does not mean free. People pay premiums to their insurance companies.

The rest of this is just Rush and his buddies doing what they do best: attacking, obfuscating, and raising the specter of socialism so that they can continue to to enjoy their privileges.

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