Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Birds

Some birds from the last couple of weeks.

First up, two winter birds still here, a dark-eyed junco

and a white-throated sparrow

white-throated sparrow
A goldfinch, drab in winter garb

goldfinchA male redwing, calling

blackbirdAnd his mate (or at least a female - there are five males here this year)

blackbirdA song sparrow

song sparrowA chickadee

chickadeeand a robin

robinThe male flicker

flickerand a adorable little male downy

downyA pair of cardinals hiding in the twigs

cardinalsand the male with the sun lighting him up

cardinalA long way off, one of the red-shouldered hawks

red-shouldered hawk
At the water, a mallard duck,

mallard duck
and two drakes
two mallard drakes

A worried-looking killdeer

illdeerand an elegant blue heron


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