Tuesday, April 03, 2012

States Rights for Rightists Only

At the Atlantic Andrew Cohen writes:
Congress has no constitutional authority to punish people who don't want to have health insurance, Paul Clement argued last week before the United States Supreme Court. This week? The heralded attorney is arguing, to another panel of federal judges, that Congress has plenty of constitutional authority to punish people who don't want to marry someone of the opposite sex. Last week, Clement defended states' rights and labeled as "unprecedented" the federal health care policy. This week, he says that Congress can dictate terms of a federal marriage policy over the objections of states which have legalized same-sex marriage.
In much the same way, you'll note, Republicans trample on states' concealed weapons laws, by passing a bill making them, the weapons, valid across state lines regardless of what the state the carrier travels into thinks. Or even where they actually live. (It won't pass the Senate, so you don't have to worry that anybody you see could be packing at any time. ....... It won't pass the Senate yet.)

Clearly, the GOP doesn't really believe in states' rights. It's just another lie in their agenda to put the whole country under their morality. (One really does have to wonder just what their god would think about concealed weapons. I seem to recall him saying something in that book about turning the other cheek. But then again, the GOP's god comes out of the Old Testament.) Any tool works, until it doesn't.

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