Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Much

"Judge Parker" is a serial strip about rich, pretty people getting richer. In the most recent storyline, April - the eponymous character's maybe girlfriend who probably is a CIA agent though she claims to be "just a linguist" - had her life threatened by the jealous fourth wife of a Saudi prince. At the conclusion, April found out that the wife had been "severed" from the family - "sounds painful," she said; "not for long," the prince's father replied, hahahaha - and then she was presented with two luxury Mercedes SUVs.

Today, the line between what's appropriately amusing for JP and what's frankly over the top is crossed (that guy is just a delivery boy; he's nowhere near pretty and smug enough to be a regular):

two Mercedeses, insured, tax free, extended ten-year warranties, and lifetime gas card
Yes, times are tough, but really: these people aren't our Fred-and-Ginger escapism. They're just ... annoying.

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