Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Memphis which was very good - tremendous music, great singers, terrific evening.

DVD: Well, my dvd player suddenly began branding every disc put into it "bad", so I had to order a new one. Luckily, they're cheap - even the all-region ones - and easy to set up nowadays. Finished up the Lord Peter Wimsey ones - a bit odd, watching them so close together, to see Peter played by two different people, but the two groups (pre- and post-Harriet) were made more than a dozen years apart. The last three were good, though much had to be left out, especially of Gaudy Night - I particularly missed the chess set and dog collar...

TV: Once Upon A Time: Mary Margaret is so stupid. She really is. But I did like seeing Wonderland - and Emma really does not need to wake up. Buck, a very moving and fascinating documentary about Buck Brannaman, a proponent and instructor of natural horsemanship.

Read: I ordered the Life With Archie #16 - the gay wedding issue - and when it came, I, well, read it. And frankly I got hooked on the premise of LWA - the parallel story-lines - and the characters, so I ordered all the back issues. And I read them all. I really enjoyed it, so now I'm a subscriber... something I never thought would happen. As for "real" books, well, unfortunately for The Hunger Games trilogy, three pre-orders arrived. Beastly Things, the latest Donna Leon, and very good it is, too. The Beginner's Goodbye, by Anne Tyler; the reviewers said it was minor Tyler, and so it was, but even minor Tyler is better than many, many others, and I enjoyed this one very much. I also read The Descendents, but I'm glad I saw the movie first. The narrator didn't really convince me he was real, and Scottie was just a little too strange...



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