Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Faust at the Lyric - brilliantly sung, especially by Bryan Hymel in the title role, but the staging was kind of weird. The present, okay, but really: if you don't already know that Mephistopheles is the bad guy when he shows up announcing that he's the devil, huge labels on the backdrop reading HATE Vice EVIL aren't going to help. Ditto Marguerite and Youth Love Virtue, or MAN Denies SIN when Faust is being convinced to woo her... All a bit anvilicious.

DVD: Some of Series 4 of The Last Detective, which I enjoy quite a lot.

Read: Halfway through The Song of the Dodo, which is engaging, infuriating, and fascinating. Seven or eight Christie shorts - Harley Quin, Parker Pyne, Tommy & Tuppence - for light relief.



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