Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Interface woes

Argh. The new Blogger interface made writing the previous post much harder than it would have been under the old one. Putting in images is now very difficult. Unless you're willing to go into the HTML and manually insert sizes, you're limited to four pre-set ones. And since the interface automatically puts in < div > tags between pictures with different alignments, you have to remove those, too, if you want them to be side by side. And then getting the words in the right place ... it took me 8 edits to get it to look right.

Oh, and the preview? It is simply your browser window - full scale, no sidebars or borders. So you get ZERO idea what the post is going to look like on the screen. The old preview wasn't perfect, but it was miles - lightyears - better than this one, which is utterly useless.



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