Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Some more of 55 Degrees North, which I'm still enjoying.

TV: The last three of Once Upon a Time, which wrapped up with a really nice dragon. But I really hope they didn't just push the reset button, only with Rumple in control instead of Regina. That would be lame. Jesse Stone: Benefit of Doubt. I do like these brooding movies; Tom Selleck is good in the role. Dolphin Tale, which was really quite moving.

Read: Silent, a brilliant YA paranormal that I discovered in reading this Big Idea entry at Whatever. Also Half-Sick of Shadows, one of the co-winners of the inaugural ‘Terry Pratchett Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now First Novel Award’, which was pretty good but, for me, sort of lost it at the very end; your mileage might well vary. A very engaging mystery set in Thailand called Killed at the Whim of a Hat - I love Google Maps; I found the little town it's set in and there were photos, even of the navy monument the narrator mentions. It's by a writer called Colin Cotterill, who has another series - the Dr Siri series, about an aged (70+) Communist-because-his-wife-was doctor pressed into service as the coroner for Laos in the immediate aftermath of the Pathet Lao takeover. I had never heard of them, but I gave the first, The Coroner's Lunch, a try and loved it - a blend of political satire, mystery, and mild paranormal, with a fascinating protagonist. I've picked up the rest (the wonderful thing/big problem with the Kindle) and will be reading them all.



At 10:29 AM, May 29, 2012 Anonymous Mark had this to say...

I generally like the Jesse Stone shows, but something struck me about the last one. There is a particular kind of obtuse dialogue style between Stone and pretty much anyone. At the beginning of this show, the soon-to-be-dead new chief and deputy had exactly that kind of dialogue while driving out to investigate the fire that was called in. It was jarring because it was so typically Jesse Stone's style, although it requires the participation of the other characters.

At 1:44 PM, May 29, 2012 Blogger The Ridger, FCD had this to say...

I remember that guy having conversations with Stone that were almost impossible to parse. "It's a gift" he said, just before he blew up (real good), but I'd have told him it was obnoxious.


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