Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birds of Montana and North Dakota

Here are some of the birds I've seen so far. Not all by any means - seen but not photographed are red-tailed hawks, a big gray hawk (gyrfalcon maybe?), eagles, sparrows (song and English), gulls, doves, and great egrets.

First up is a very blurry panting crow.

panting crow

More blurry photos, these two with better excuse: it's hard to focus on something when you're passing it at 75 mph! First, trees with cormorants, and then some pelicans, geese, and other waterfowl:

trees with cormorants

pelicans and geese and others

A juvenile grackle and his father:

juvenile grackle and parent

Three from the Little Bighorn - a lark bunting, a pair of ring-necked pheasants, and a rather punk-looking robin:

lark bunting

ring-necked pheasants

punk robin

A magpie:

a magpie

An eastern kingbird (I know, but they range pretty far west in the summer):

a kingbird

And finally a raven (he might actually have been in Idaho, still):


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