Friday, June 29, 2012

Day Four: Glendive to Fargo

A shorter day than yesterday - essentially a straight line across the state of North Dakota on I-94.

landscape with cows

This town wasn't content with a one-letter rock sign:

Home on the Range

Welcome to North Dakota!


rock strata

rock strata

Theodore Roosevelt National Park sign at the Painted Canyon:

TR park sign

Painted Canyon

Painted Canyon

A warning sign about bison. But like the Little Bighorn and its snakes, they promised a dangerous animal and didn't deliver!

beware of bison sign

There were plenty of these unnamed exits, whose 'No Services' sign means: Tourist, there's nothing for you here, not even gas. Just keep on driving...

no services exit
I missed getting a shot of the giant buffalo bison, but here's a giant, unexplained cow (edit: this cow turns out to be called "Salem Sue"):

giant cow statue

Just entering Mandan, we're passed by two cops (one of each kind) with sirens going. Five of them converged on this hay-hauler. Who knows what they think he's doing?

cops and hay truck

The Missouri river

Missouri river

North Dakota has very pretty (and very clean) rest stops:

rest stop with mosaic

Buffalo Bill's daughter?

Buffalo Alice sign

West Fargo

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