Friday, June 01, 2012


Mike Dunford has a point:
Referring to everyone in uniform as a "hero" is a nice, easy way for the bulk of the American public to assuage whatever pangs their consciences might experience when they consider their own lack of sacrifice during the current war. If everyone who serves is special, heroic, above and beyond the norm, you don't have to feel as bad for not participating yourself. You've left it to the heroes to bear that burden.

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At 8:14 AM, June 02, 2012 Anonymous liz had this to say...

I agree that "hero" is overused regarding soldiers. SOME soldiers are amazing heroes, and most of us act heroically when required to- but so do most other people too. The majority of us are just professionals serving the nation. But I am not as cynical about Americans- they lack facility in language so they think their respect for a hard job well done is an admiration for the "heroic." They also don't want to relive the ugliness of the body politic during the Vietnam war- and over compensate. Lastly, they don't understand what its like to be a soldier and so don't realize they could do it to.


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