Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

Film: Moonrise Kingdom. Wes Anderson's record is intact: he has not yet made a movie I haven't enjoyed. Many of them I've loved - this is one of those, up there with The Royal Tennenbaums, The Darjeeling Express, and The Life Aquatic. If you didn't like them, you won't like this. Gorgeous to look at and full of crystalline moments of humor and sorrow. A wonderful movie.

DVD:Some eps of Murder in Suburbia, a British series. Interesting characters, though I notice the two leads - a pair of women detectives - never talk to each other about anything other than the job and men. At least they have long scenes with no man in them. The scenes. Also rewatched Rushmore, just because why not?

Read: Some more of those Dr Siri books - Anarchy and Old Dogs, Disco for the Departed, and Curse of the Pogo Stick. The first of those looks at what you do when the system you've devoted your life to seems to be failing you, and the third was a moving look at the plight of the Hmong. Plus good mysteries.



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