Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

Live: Mama Mia! at the Hippodrome. You gotta hand it to Benni and Bjorn - those guys could write a catchy tune, and this show is a lot of fun. (If you go, don't be those people who take off before the curtain calls!)

DVD: The last series of Blue Murder. I like the way they ended it, and I like that Butchers and Shap both got an episode focused on them. This was a good show. Started The Edge of Darkness, which seems a bit dated now but I can see how it might have been startling and dangerous at the time. I wasn't expecting the Gaia edge - I wonder how it will play out.

TV: I watched Journey 2: The Mysterious Island but I am so glad I didn't pay any (extra) money for it. Yikes. And it didn't even have Brendan Fraser in it...

Read: Two of Shamini Flint's Inspector Singh books - Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree and Curious Indian Cadaver. By coincidence, one of the Dr Siri books I read also took place in Cambodia (Love Songs from a Shallow Grave; the others were The Merry Misogynist and Slash and Burn), though the Singh is modern (2011) and the Siri is in 1979. They were oddly complementary, and made me realize how little I actually know about that country...



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