Friday, July 27, 2012

Birds of Wyoming

Some birds I've seen in Wyoming.

Eurasian collared doves (a first for me, by the way)

Eurasian collared dove

Eurasian collared dove

And the ubiquitous grackle



Barn swallow chicks and one parent (there were two), at the restaurant in Colter Bay

Barn swallow chicks

Barn swallow chicks and one parent
There were plenty of ravens. This first one was at Lewis Canyon.

raven in Lewis Canyon

These ravens were at Gibbons Falls. They were so cool to watch as they soared and tumbled in the sky, pairing up and playing with each other, and then three chasing the fourth as it flew around with something in its beak.

raven at Gibbon FallsThe ravens at play at Gibbons Falls

ravens at play

ravens at play

ravens at play

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