Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day Ten: Laurel to Salisbury

Today we got up early (well, for a vacation!) and were on the road by 6:40. Our intention was to be south of DC before the rush hour, and for all practical purposes we were: the northbound side of 95 was packed and slow, but we were heading south and it was running at speed. We stopped for lunch in Henderson and cruised on into Salisbury by 2:30, 370 miles in an easy drive.

The water tower at Andrews Air Force Base

Andrews AFB tower

Woodrow Wilson bridge (blurry, but as I said, we were moving right along

Woodrow Wilson bridge

Welcome to Virgina!

Virgina border

Nothing stops the mail!

mail trucks

"All this history!" said my friend.

Richmond battle field

Petersburg Battle Field

Welcome to North Carolina!

NC border sign

This is a great name! (Ruin Creek Road)
Ruin Creek Road

My West Coast friend meets the South. She ordered iced tea and reflexively dumped two packets of sweetener in it ... in North Carolina!

two glasses of tea

The turn-off to Salisbury

Salisbury road sign

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