Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Twelve: Great Smoky Mountains

We stayed two nights in Oak Ridge, and today we went back to the Smokey Mountains to go to Cades Cove. The plan was to spend a few hours there and then go the Museum of Appalachia in Clinton. We did that, but we spent way longer in the Cove than we'd planned, so only got to spend an hour at the MoA...

We didn't see bear, but we did see some deer, birds, and butterflies.

Road sign for Townsend. As opposed to the Gatlinburg or Cherokee entrances to the park, Townsend is "the quiet side of the Smokies".

toward Townsend



GSM sign

On the road inside the park

mountain road

Inside the Cove

Cades Cove

This is the view across from the John Oliver place

Cades Cove

And this is the John Oliver place


In the graveyard (one of several), one family's recurring nightmare

3 dead babies' graves

Cades Cove

This graphic is rather amusing

bike sign

Cades Cove

This is the old mill, still grinding corn


mill, race, wheel


Last week a really bad summer storm closed the Cove for a few days and actually killed some campers. This is some of the still-visible damage.

storm damage

Here are a few shots from our short visit to the Museum of Appalachia, which really deserves a good half a day:

Museum of Appalachia


barn with sheep


A handmade bed



A small doctor's office from up in the mountains - this is where he worked out of when he wasn't riding circuit

medicine house

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