Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Eighteen: Laramie to Colter Bay (Grand Tetons)

Up early again and off to Grand Tetons National Park. We did see antelope today - several outside Rawlins, where we got off the interstate, and one that ran down a hill, across the highway, and up the hill on the other side. He was gorgeous - but I was too busy staring to even try to take a picture. But mostly the landscape was the big draw

The landscape is not very different to start with:


These fences must be for blocking drifting snow.


Another huge wind farm

wind turbines

But it begins to change


Red rocks, quite dramatic

Red rocks

We drove through part of the Wind River reservation

Reservation sign

This spectacular butte is called Crowheart Butte

Crowheart Butte

More red rocks

red rocks
And some striped ones.

striped rocks

First glimpse of the Grand Tetons

Grand Tetons

Wildlife! Whoo-hoo! Yes, I got the ground squirrel's picture

ground squirrel

Entering the park

Grand Tetons park sign

The mountains over the lake


A couple of very tamish deer that wandered through the cabin area




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