Monday, July 02, 2012

Day Seven: Michigan City to Youngstown

The air over the river in Michigan City (where we were, anyway) was full of barn swallows. Here's one sitting on a mooring rope next to the pier where they clearly had their nests.

barn swallow

Indiana Dunes Park

Indiana Dunes Park

"Mount Baldy" - a dune they're trying to restablize

Mount Baldy

Lake Michigan - it's eerily unlike an ocean - vast, but silent.

Lake Michigan

another farm


Elkhart, Indiana's water tower

Elkhart water tower

This is a shot over the interstate into Michigan. (It looked just like Indiana.)

Michigan landscape

Welcome to Ohio!

welcome to Ohio

Here is a shot of an orchard of some sort, very weird bent trees


Workers in a field

Workers in a field

Ohio is very wooded

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