Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day Twenty One: Post Falls to Everett

Whew. 10,157 miles door to door. (At least I got a ten day break; my friend's been traveling for five weeks now!) Tomorrow I fly back to DC...

We left Post Falls a bit later than usual, since we'd stayed at a B&B last night. But we'd decided to take I-90 all the way instead of US 2, so the drive wouldn't be as long.

We crossed into Washington almost right away - the Idaho panhandle is narrow.

Washington sign

The part of Washington after Spokane looks different from the rest of the state - it's the Columbia plateau, and there's corn and potatoes and wheat fields among the sage desert. I saw a lot of red-tailed hawks, but 70mph isn't conducive to photos of flying birds - or even birds perched on a railing.

Columbia plateau


Potatoes with a center-pivot irrigation machine - I sure saw a lot of those in the hot, dry states.


This is Moses Lake.

Moses lake

This is Puget Sound Energy's Wild Horse Wind and Solar and Priest Rapids Hydro Power complex. It's pretty stunning.

the hydro part of puget sound energy's wild horse wind and solar and priest rapids hydro

This little guy sounded exactly like a phone ringing. I'm not sure what he is - he looks like a wren, but he doesn't match anything in my book... Edited to add: He's a rock wren.

mystery bird - possibly a wren?

Here's the floating bridge over the Columbia at the end of the lake.

floating bridge over the Columbia

Here's the wind part of that complex - or part of it; there are 149 turbines in all.

the wind part of puget sound energy's wild horse wind and solar and priest rapids hydro

The sign on the side of the interstate read "Mount Rainier in the distance"

mount rainier in the distance

Here's the approach to Snoqualmie pass in the Cascades

approaching snoqualmie pass

And the Seattle skyline

Seattle skyline

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