Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Twenty: West Yellowstone to Post Falls

We got up early and left for Idaho. A raven was on the lodge roof - they had three personal safety tips for hikers there: don't take more than you can carry, let someone know where you're going, and beware of ravens, who will apparently rip your packs and bikes apart if they think there's food there.

raven on the building

The landscape rather abruptly became flat valleys surrounded by mountains or hills


The sky

skyThese hills remind me of Northern California

At a Starbuck's we met up with a Zuni firefighter's group heading for one of the many fires blazing in Montana

Lewis and Clark. Those guys may not have been everywhere but they sure got a lot of things named after them!

Lewis and Clark are everywhereA craggy hill


I'm not even sure I want to know...

Anaconda Opportunity



The Clark Fork river (yes, that Clark) winds under the interstate for a long way, back and forth. We crossed it a lot.

Clark Fork River

Clark Fork River

I'm not sure I've ever seen an Exit 0 before.

Exit 0

And we're in Idaho!

Welcome to Idaho

Stopped in Wallace again for lunch - barbeque, excellent!


Post Falls

We were a bit early to check in, so we went looking for a glass of wine. The Red Lion hotel had a restaurant that was open, but we sat for ten minutes without being served - or even acknowledged - so we got up and went to Templin's River Grill and had a wonderful pinot grigiot, and view.

Templin River Grill

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