Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fort Kearny

We went to Fort Kearny ... let me tell you, it was hot to be walking around outside!

Ft KearnyThree different saddle styles - first, the McClellan split-tree cavalry saddle

cavalry mcclellan saddleA Pony Express saddle with the mochilla with the locking mail pouches (they took that off one horse and slung it onto the next, already saddled one waiting for them)

pony express saddle with mochillaAnd an Indian one

Indian saddleA covered wagon

covered wagonThe reconstructed stockade (most of Ft Kearny was dismantled when it was closed)

stockadeA sod blacksmith's building

sod and plank blacksmithyThe sod roof

sod roofAn uncovered wagon

uncovered wagonThese stakes mark out the site of one of the fort's original buildings

stakes marking old building site

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