Thursday, August 09, 2012

How Not to Write: Master Class

Today at the Comics Curmudgeon website bbofun notes:
Meanwhile, in Judge Parker, nothing is happening. Still. No, honestly, a few weeks ago I wrote a synopsis of all the things that HAVEN’T happened in this strip, all the foreshadowed drama and danger that has just slid by, unused. And, still, nothing has actually happened! It’s like dramatic structure is being not ignored, but subverted. A negotiation over a screenplay? No, your proposal’s fine. Bad weather looming? No, it cleared up. Surly man behind you in line, who overhears where you are going, and sees how wealthy you are? He’s got somewhere else to be, I guess. Fall down a steep cliff? Land safely, without a scratch. Accidentally discover (and take pictures of) a marijuana farm? The growers just want to take your camera, and have no desire to hurt you, apparently. Lodge closed? They’ll open it for you. Sent down to the wine cellar, leaving your friend alone with the nasty woman who wants to take his camera, and wants you both gone? You find a great bottle of wine, and come back to find them virtually flirting.


Worst thing (or best)? bbofun has exaggerated absolutely nothing. This is the current "Judge Parker" plot line.

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