Sunday, August 26, 2012

Late August wingéd insects

Dragontlies, ants, skippers and butterflies.
First, three dragonflies - different species. I don't know anything about them! (I did find two - the first is a Halloween pennant and the second a common Whitetail. I still don't know the third...)




Ants preparing to fly. Check out the sexual dimorphism - the queens are huge compared to the males.

winged ants coming out of the groundSome skippers

Here are three little sachems, a kind of grass skipper. First, two of the drabber females, and then a brilliantly colored male:

female sachem

female sachem

female fiery skipper

Female Horace's duskywing, one of the larger skippers

female Horace's duskywing

Some tiger swallowtails - first a handsome male (notice the lack of blue on the hindwing)

male tiger swallowtail

And females

female tiger swallowtail

female tiger swallowtail

A buckeye


A monarch


And a painted lady

painted lady

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