Tuesday, August 07, 2012

One more thing...

I was gonna post something that would tell you the difference between Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims but i realized that you don't need to know anything about somebody's religion to knos that you shouldn't shoot them. - Eric Parsons
This probably isn't a very original thought, but I'm going to express it anyway. There's a certain distressing tendency in news reports about the Oak Creek shooting at the Sikh temple to point out that Sikhs aren't Muslims, that they're peaceful, that Sikhs in general are suffering collateral damage from 9/11, and that this shooter (probably) mistook them for Muslims, as have others.

The probably unintentional subtext here is that it would be perfectly understandable (possibly even perfectly okay) if he'd shot up a mosque instead of a temple.

But, no. Just .... NO.

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