Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some butterflies

Butterflies and skippers (not true butterflies) from around work the last couple of weeks. There haven't been many this year - I've only seen one buckeye, and no monarchs.

First up, a silver-spotted skipper, one of the largest of the skippers, and very easily recognizable.

silver-spotted skipperAnd this little skipper is a female zabulon, one I've never noticed before

female zabulon skipperThis skipper is probably a female sachem, but I'm not sure

skipper poss sachemThis skipper is either a cobweb or possibly a sachem, I'm not sure

cobweb or possibly a sachemA red admiral

red admiralThis is a male clouded sulphur

male clouded sulphurAnd finally, two female tiger swallowtails, one yellow and one black, and both gorgeous.

yellow female tiger swallowtail

black female tiger swallowtail

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