Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Week in Entertainment

DVD: Guddu, a rather melodramatic movie that was notable mainly for Shahrukh Khan's performance, and Aladin, an updating of the story with Amitabh Bachchan as the genie - the story was a bit uneven, but the effects were good, Big B delightful, and the music and dances great.

TV: Leverage - I really loved the way they didn't spend a lot of time on Eliot being gone after by one guy after another - the first time was funny, the second time, when all they did was show his sous chef's reactions even funnier ("What? Plate that. You got to plate that," says Eliot), and the third time, hysterical. Futurama and - because it was on and I love it - Ordinary People.

Read: A Hologram for the King, an intensely character-driven meditation on success, failure, parenthood, and the American dream. Started Roderick, but it's so stylized - and so hard to believe the reactions of the people even before the robot shows up - that I quit after chapter 3. Deadly Blessings, a entertaining enough mystery. Ryan North's hysterical review/exegesis of the novelization of Back to the Future.



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