Friday, September 28, 2012

A Bold Move

People in Apartment 3G call each by name a lot - mostly because except for the three stars and possibly the bearded Greek professor it's very hard to tell them apart (also, they often don't look the same from day to day, or even panel to panel, but that's a different problem). This is particularly true of the men, all of whom are bland, white-bread types who are very easily mistaken for each other. But here, one of them makes a bold move to stand out: Evan, whose aunt Cathy is as mean to him as Margo is to ... well, everybody, has changed his hair color. I give him props for a subdued, natural auburn shade rather than carrots. But it won't matter. He may not die in the Himalayas like Margo's last boyfriend, but he will lose everything.

Evan is a blond

Evan is a ginger

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