Friday, September 14, 2012

С днем рождения, Дмитрий Анатольевич!

MedvedevToday is Dmitry Medvedev's birthday. He was born in 1965, which makes him much younger than me, or even my baby brother... which is depressing, since he's prime minister and second man in a team running a whole country. Ah well...

A well-intentioned man in a hard job, in hard times. I wish him the best. Всего хорошего: успехов, радости, здоровья, и счастья!

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At 8:58 AM, September 14, 2012 Anonymous Mark had this to say...

Just the other day I was talking to my dentist about having braces as a kid and she mentioned how much progress had been made. Then I realized that I got my braces 50 years ago. Medvedev wasn't even born then. Sheesh. I am getting old.


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