Thursday, September 27, 2012

For No Especially Good Reason

Scalzi did this over at Whatever: For No Especially Good Reason I Put Each Letter of the Alphabet Into My Web Browser and Posted the Link it Autocompleted To, so why not me, too, I thought?

A was The Abominable Charles Christopher, a wonderful web comic.

B was Barnes & Noble - I buy books. (I'm surprised, sort of, that Amazon wasn't my A.)

C was Birds of North America at Cornell, hence the C.

D was Darths & Droids - webcomic with an amusing D&D version of Star Wars

E was Wikipedia - English-language Wikipedia.

F was Facebook - well, sure.

G was Google - it would have been a shock otherwise.

H was Headsup: the blog - "the deskly arts" and a straight look at what's going on in FoxLand, too.

I was Izvestiya - not my first site for Russian news, but I isn't a go-to letter.

J was The Comics Curmudgeon: the url is joshreads, for historical purposes. A great site for comics snark.

K was Kotomatritsa, cats and others captioned - in Russian. Usually good Russian, not Internet slang though that's there, often poetic.

L was Language Log, the linguistic blog.

M was Multitran - a Russian translation database, a wonderful resource.

N was The Conscience of a Liberal, Paul Krugman's blog at the New York Times's website.  I was a little surprised it wasn't the main NYT website, but then again, he posts a lot.

O was Orbitz - I travel.

P was Peapod - I have my groceries delivered. I love it.

Q was Dinosaur Comics at qwantz- a great web comic.

R was Robert Reich's blog - this surprised me. I like him, but I don't go there a lot. Must not use "R" that much.

S was Slactivist, a progressive evangelical who also does a mean take-down of Left Behind.

T was Talking Points Memo; it's a source I enjoy.

U was Webster's Unabridged. I look up words.

V was The New Adventures of Queen Victoria, another good web comic.

W was WMATA - the Washington Metro system. 

X was xkcd - I mean, what else?

Y was You Tube - duh.

Z was Arnold Zwicky's Blog , another language (mostly) blog.

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At 8:59 PM, September 27, 2012 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

"X was xkcd - I mean, what else?"

In my case, the website for the 17th meeting of Colloquium series, that I attended this year -- "x" for "XVII."


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