Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gosh, who could it be?

Phrase Origins: On Feb. 22, 1918 Warren Harding said it is good to drink "at the fountains of wisdom inherited from" this alliterative group.

Ummmm, errrr, I dunno, could it be .... The Founding Fathers?

This is so totally a Jeopardy! question. Ask me who came up with the phrase, and I'd have no idea. I also thought it was older than that. But ask it like this, and what else is it going to be?

And ..... And yet, one didn't get it at all, and the other - yep. She got it - and so did I.



At 8:45 PM, September 27, 2012 Anonymous Kathie had this to say...

I had exactly the same reaction (and answer) to tonight's Final Jeopardy! as you did. Humble brag alert: I'm ashamed to confess also solved last night's correctly as well (which none of the three contestants did).


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