Saturday, September 15, 2012

You know what? There are people who do!

Brian Switek, a paleontologist who blogs (engagingly) at Laelaps, was called out by Answers in Genesis for his critique of the dinosaurs in last week's Doctor Who. I don't read AiG - who has the time? - but I did follow his link. Here's the final blow:
The Bible records God’s eyewitness account that he created flying creatures—which includes of course birds—the day before He created land animals—which includes dinosaurs—and man. Thus only the grossest of biblical compromise can suppose that birds evolved from anything, including dinosaurs.
Well. Sophisticated theologians like to argue that many of the New Atheists fight a strawman, that no one really believes the Bible is literally true. All I can say is, they need to talk to the fine folks at AiG and their co-religionists around the world. Plenty of people do, indeed, believe just that.

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