Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, John

Today in 1805, John Russell Bartlett was born. He was a co-founder of the American Ethnological Society and author of that invaluable book, A Dictionary of American Regionalisms (on line here). Some entries:

OUT AND OUT. Wholly; completely; without reservation. A common colloquial expression here as in England.
Duff Green has issued proposals for a new free-trade paper in the city of New York. It will be conducted with energy, and will fail. An out-and-out anti-tariff free-trade paper, without commercial support, cannot obtain that support in any commercial city in the world.--N. Y. Com. Adv.

Although an out-and-out democrat, by virtue of my subscription, and your well-known liberality, I claim to he heard through your columns.--Cor. of N. Y. Tribune, Oct. 28, 1843.

Pliny Hopper expected to make a thousand per cent. the first year [on his morus multicaulis trees], and the second to be able to retire from business, and buy the whole State of Connecticut out-and-out.--Knick. Mag.
OUT OF FIX. Disarranged; in a state of disorder.
The week was the longest one ever was. It seemed to me that the axletree of the world wanted greasin', or somethin' or other was out of fix, for it didn't seem to turn round half so fast as it used to do.--Maj. Jones's Conrtship, p. 80.
OUT OF SORTS. Out of order; disordered. Dr. Millingen, in his remarks on persons of phlegmatic temperament, says:
They are in general good, easy persons, susceptible of kindly feelings, but, to use a common expression, easily put out of sorts.--Mind and Matter, p. 84.

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