Thursday, October 18, 2012

"We do this every day"

So, the Tigers won 88 games this season. That was the seventh-best record in their league. The Cardinals also won 88 - in their league that was the fifth-best finish. The teams they're playing won 95 and 94, respectively - that 94 for the Giants had them tied for third with the Braves, as both the Reds (at 97) and the Nationals (at 98) finished ahead of them.

So, if the Yankees manage to win their playoff, it'll be one first-place team (who won 95 games) against a fifth-place one. But the Tigers are currently leading them 3-0, so it's looking very likely that we'll see the number seven - seven - team in the AL play either the number five or three from the NL. And who wants to watch that, seven vs. five? Not me.

This is why they play 162 games: short series are too easy to win by luck. And a system that lets the seventh-ranked team into a four-team playoff in the first place is badly - very badly - designed even if you think playoff are a good thing.



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