Thursday, November 15, 2012

Voter Fraud! in New Jersey!

Another guy (this one a self-described "independent") got so worked up over voter fraud and the need for ID that he actually voted twice to see if he'd get stopped:
A 75-year-old New Jersey man is under investigation by prosecutors in Cumberland County for casting two ballots in what he said was a test for voter fraud.

Clarence Custis called the Cumberland County Board of Elections on Nov. 7 to report that he had voted at the clerk’s office and a second time in his hometown of Fairfield, the South Jersey Times reported late Wednesday.

“I was hoping that I would get flagged when I went to vote,” Custis told the paper. “I first went to the courthouse and filled out a mail-in ballot at the County Clerk’s office. Then I went to Gouldtown to vote like I normally would. I figured I would be flagged. But I wasn’t.”
No. He wasn't. And without some kind of science-fictiony control of the post office, he couldn't have been. And I mean science-fictiony, not dystopian: How the heck did he expect anybody at Gouldtown to know he'd mailed in a ballot that same day?

What happens, guy, is that when your mail-in ballot arrives, they check the rolls and see you managed to make it in to vote in person, and then they chuck the mail-in ballot. Which is smarter all around, since who knows who was watching you fill in that mail-in one? And if they marked the wrong name and prevented you from voting, it's kind of too late.

Not to mention that, you know, New Jersey? Maybe they're running just a little slow after the devastating hurricane? Maybe you could have given then a whole freaking day, huh?

Also not to mention that he voted as himself both times, so mandatory voter ID wouldn't have helped.

... Say, you know what would help? Making voters get a stamp, like for a club, or a purple finger like in Iraq. That way you can only vote once, with or without ID. This guy would have been flagged at Gouldtown that way. But any other way? Until the mail-in ballots actually arrive, there's no way to know.



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