Friday, November 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Carl

Sagan on the Cosmos set
Carl Sagan was born today in 1934, in Brooklyn.

I'm sure I don't have to say anything about him, but if I did, besides Cosmos and The Demon-Haunted World and The Dragons of Eden, I'd mention his insistence on putting cameras on space probes. Imagine Cassini without cameras...

He was a national treasure, no, a global - no, a specific treasure and he's missed.

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At 9:10 AM, November 09, 2012 Anonymous Mark P had this to say...

I think Sagan had to contend with some ill will from some in the scientific community, but in the end he did a lot for science. Cosmos was genuinely moving in a lot of places. I always respected him, particularly for his philosophy of life and science. He believes that you had to accept the results of knowledge and scientific inquiry, even if it led to uncomfortable conclusions. I think that's why he ended up an atheist.


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