Friday, December 14, 2012

Different worlds?

Just in case you thought yesterday was an anomaly... this time, two stories the same though again the treatments are very different. (Also, what bad timing on the yay! guns! story...)

  • Backers of gun rights hit some big targets: DC now alone with total ban
  • Battered by Benghazi, Rice withdraws as State candidate
  • Edging closer to the 'fiscal cliff': Obama, Boehner mum after talks
  • Workers abused by immune diplomats: Enslavement, rape reported
  • Right-to-work proponents demand justice for violence
  • their big photo: Boehner pointing to his chart

  • Longer lives shift landscape of disease: Landmark health study finds a world sharing America's afflictions
  • Rice pulls out of running: Kerry in line to be secretary: Charges over Libya proved too distracting
  • Obama, Boeher talk but reach no deal on 'cliff'
  • White House, nonprofit groups battle over tax deductions
  • Critics slam GOP states over health exchanges
  • Syria took steps to activate chemical arms
  • their big photo: North Korea's Kim celebrates satellite launch

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