Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Goodbye, Dave

My father owned all Dave Brubeck's albums on vinyl (of course). I grew up listening to them. Wonderful stuff. The Digital Cuttlefish has a wonderful post which I urge you to read. A taste:
Two things, now, vie for “the damnedest thing” at this point. One. The song Brubeck is best known for is the only one on the album that is not his own. Paul Desmond, genius in his own right, wrote “Take Five”, the best known tune on Time Out. Two. Of all of Brubeck’s accomplishments in jazz, Time Out is not the most important. Well, probably. Despite its importance, despite its reputation, despite its well earned place in any history of jazz (arguably, it has been overplayed to the point of repressing other music, but we won’t go there)… his low-key but insistent support of racial equality was, in my opinion, the greater accomplishment. Brubeck had the first integrated band in the US Army, at a time when such a thing was unheard of. On tour, he would not play in places that did not accept his integrated band.

And here, of course, "Take Five":

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