Saturday, December 22, 2012

Of course it was

So, the NRA's answer (warning, the link spawns video) is ... more guns. Many, many more guns. Guns in every single school in the US by the time Christmas break is over.

(Wow. That wouldn't come cheap - how many entitlement programs would be gutted to pay for that?)

(And let's not forget that Columbine, Va. Tech, and Fort Hood all had trained (not amateurs in two weeks), armed guards.)

Because nothing solves gun violence like more guns.

The NRA won't be happy until every man, woman, and child in the US is packing 24/7.

Considering just how far they've pushed their agenda over the last few years -

Hey, some guy went on a shooting spree in Pennsylvania yesterday, killing three strangers and then shooting it out with state troopers, three of whom were injured before he was killed. But of course if some random civilian had been armed, it would have all ended so much more happily, right?



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