Tuesday, January 22, 2013

After the Inauguration in two worlds

Day after the Inauguration front page comparison - today both papers ran little teasers for inside stories in the middle of the page as well as at the bottom; I usually ignore the latter, but decided to include the former. I think my fave has to be the 'Obama uses the Constitution' one - the fiend!

  • A 'Limitless' Vision:  President lays out liberal agenda for second term
  • Abortion battle rages 40 years after Roe decision: Protests planned in Washington
  • Bipartisanship makes a brief Hill appearance
  • Obama vows to protect gay rights, climate
  • Obama uses the Constitution as basis for his aggressive plans
  • Libya: Republicans expects Clinton's clarity on Benghazi
  • Teasers: Skies over Capitol scanned; Is Biden prepping for '16?
  • Big picture: The Mall during the Inauguration

  • 'We must act': Second term begins with a sweeping agenda for equality
  • Speech heralds a bolder style of leadership
  • Obama invokes the words of the Founders
  • Race in America: A more open, and complex, conversation
  • The first lady adds substance to fashion style
  • Teasers: When the couch just won't do; Bystanders for a day; An address and its broad themes; Stars, dancing and snacking
  • Big picture: The president and Mrs Obama walking along Pennsylvania Avenue

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